freshly squeezed soundscapes

freshly squeezed soundscapes

Beat Juice is an ever-expanding collection of custom-made and exclusive soundtracks for content creators.

no strikes
no mute
no delete

just free music

Just free music, without copyrights, for your streaming and podcasts sessions.

Whether you're an aspiring Twitch streamer or a podcast rising star, you can use our music without fear, for free, in all your projects.

it's easy to get started

Simply use your favorite service to stream our music while you stream or record. We publish our music on a dozen of platforms so you can find us easily. You can also start from here and listen to our albums.

Copyright free music on Spotify and Apple Music. Yep. Enjoy!

  • 日本で One
    Japan-inspired lo-fi
  • Deutschland One
    lo-fi electronica
  • Indonesia One
    lo-fi acoustic

We're always producing and adding new content! Follow us for the latest updates:

what is Beat Juice

So what is Beat Juice and how does it work exactly?

We are a bunch of streamers and streaming fans who turned music creators and producers so we could offer a small but growing alternative soundtracks source. We do not claim this will solve the problem but we still believe in making a difference with our actions

Free music.. Where's the catch?

We have all been drilled: when something's free, you're the product.

This is often the case but we do not have any interests in creating giant databases of users. We are also not planning to sell anything, at any point.

So then how do we keep things running? For the most part, we keep the project alive ourselves by investing money or time or ideas. Also, anytime you listen to one of our tracks through a streaming platform we (hopefully) receive tiny fractions of cents through royalties. That's it. It's our only source of income.

why Beat Juice

We decided to create Beat Juice because, probably like you, we saw good content disappear and people getting warnings on major streaming platforms. And why? for the horrible crime of listening to music while they were streaming. We get it, artists need to make money. But truth is most of the time these consequences are created by lawyers and businessmen. We are not from this crowd. We were just lucky and had the possibility to giveback to the community and we decided to go for it.

We hope you find our project useful!

talk to us

Do you have any questions, comments, insults, just want to say hi? Simply reach out to us. We want to hear you!